Leadership Seneca County Class of 2019: October 10, 2018 Meeting “Understanding You”

Leadership Seneca County Class of 2019: October 10, 2018 Meeting “Understanding You”
October 31, 2018
The October meeting was held on the campus of Heidelberg University in the Campus Center building. There were 3 people absent at the beginning of the class, but Jacob Price joined us later in the day.  The class began with Kim Radison giving us and over view of the day and what we would be doing.  The class spent the morning discussing the MBTI results and how these results affect the group dynamics. The class worked on purpose statements, we did not share these with the each other but were encouraged to continue to work on it, and keep it with us, as we might share it later on.  Lunch was provided at Hoernemann Refectory. After lunch a tour of campus was provided by 2 student ambassadors, the group split up for this tour and met back at the Campus Center building, were we were greeted by LSC board members. The Board members introduced themselves , Jillian Shaferly from the YMCA, Katie Lang from Tiffin Seneca Economic Partnership, and Deb Martorana from Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce, they talked to the group about doing more service oriented projects vs. high dollar fund raising projects. The board members stayed for the group discussion on possible projects. 
Kim asked if any class member would be willing to facilitate the discussion. Brody Fultz agreed to facilitate and did a fantastic job engaging the group and working through the discussion. Several ideas, thoughts, and concepts were discussed, however some research and due diligence, on the ideas, is required and until the project is narrowed and chosen the ideas will remain that just ideas.  Several different partisans agreed to do some networking and outreach to determine the feasibility of each suggestion and report back to the group for further discussion prior to the next meeting in November. 
The remainder of the afternoon was spent reviewing the group profile from the MBTI, discussing Professional goals, and the goals worksheet. 
It is my opinion that the group is very well rounded with individual traits, as well as, professional backgrounds. This group has a good foundation, a strong since of community, and the knowledge to put building blocks in place for our community well-being. 
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