“Understanding Your County Through Discovery”: Leadership Seneca County

“Understanding Your County Through Discovery”: Leadership Seneca County
November 28, 2018

 The Leadership Seneca County Class of 2019 met Wednesday, November 14th and participated in a county wide scavenger hunt. The day began with a tour of the Tiffin YMCA, where an explanation of the various programs they offer was given. The class was then split into five teams and given their first clue for the next location to discover. Each clue lead teams to various businesses and historical landmarks throughout Seneca County. Some places visited by teams included: Laird Arcade, Republic Lumber, Old Fort Bank, Arm & Hammer, and MJ Recruiters; at most locations a tour was given and there was an opportunity to interview personnel. Teams were required to take pictures and check in on social media at each new location; bonus points were given for taking pictures with historic markers and Leadership Seneca County Alumni. Upon return to the YMCA, lunch was provided from JT’s Bagel Bar along with quizzes about the history behind the places they visited. Each group then gave a short presentation about what they learned about each place they visited. Mark Steinmetz, a local historian, was present and provided additional insight and history about Seneca County and the places visited.

To finish the day, Lee Martin, son of a famous Tiffin writer, gave an interactive presentation on the quality of life in Seneca County. The class collectively ranked Seneca county on a scale of one to ten in nine different categories that contribute to quality of life such as education, culture and safety. Lee stated that if we are unhappy with the quality of life in our community, that it is our responsibility to do something about it. That sentiment was the perfect transition for our class project discussion. With the information gathered from people and organizations within our community, we concluded that there is an apparent need for community service. The class has decided to focus on a service based project.

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