Computer Security Warning

Computer Security Warning
February 18, 2019

It's hard to avoid the threatening popup messages on your computer or phone these days, but beyond a minor annoyance they typically haven't taken over your system. That is as long as you don't call the number and let someone remote your computer!

 If your system gets "frozen" and a message similar to "Your computer has been infected. Please call 888-555-5555 to have a technician assist with virus removal." it's simply a scam. While you can sometimes close the browser and start over, some times you will need to reboot your entire computer. 

Whatever you do, do NOT call the number and never let an unknown party remotely control your computer. Microsoft or any other reputable company will not ask for a credit card or checking account number over the phone to provide instant cleanup services. 

 When in doubt, call a local computer professional or family member that is "tech savvy".  If you have given out financial information, please call your bank and credit card issuers immediately and inform them of the situation. 


Jake SchaafOwner
Buckeye I.T. Services, LLC 

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