Leadership Seneca County – Ag & Natural Resources Day

Leadership Seneca County – Ag & Natural Resources Day
April 15, 2019

Sponsored by the Seneca Conservation District.

 Leadership Seneca County (LSC) had a very educational day spent with our friends at the Seneca Conservation District (SCD) and the OSU Extension office. 

 We started the day in the conference room on the second floor of the consolidated office building that houses the Farm Service Agency, OSU extension, and SCD.  Beth Diesch, SCD Team Leader, gave us an introduction into what the SCD does and provided us with a tour of what the different entities in the building do on a daily basis.  Hallie Williams, Extension Educator, touched more in-depth on what OSU Extension provides and gave us a presentation on “Selling and Supporting Local”.

 LSC then traveled to SCD District Farm, located at 5892 E. Township Rd. 138, Republic, OH, to discuss soil health and conservation with Eric Eberhard, a SCD Technician.  After the informative session with Eric, we enjoyed lunch and traveled next door to the Miller Conservation Farm for an educational hike with Kayla Moore, the SCD Education Coordinator.

 The class then proceeded to travel to Clay Hill Organic Farm, located at 2848 N. Township Rd. 165, Tiffin, OH.  Aaron Buskirk gave us a tour of their certified organic farm and explained the process of growing produce and flowers on their farmstead.  After the tour we met with Kristy Buskirk, Aaron’s wife, who gave us a deeper insight into how the certification of being an organic farm is accomplished.

 The LSC class concluded the day with an expanded knowledge of the agriculture industry in Seneca County.

 Written by Brody Fultz, Leadership Seneca County Class of 2019

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