Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

Ohio.org Listing & Events Database
July 25, 2019

The Ohio.org Listing & Events Database is the heart of TourismOhio’s efforts to provide information on all the great things there are to see and do here in Ohio. Thousands of potential travelers – and customers – visit Ohio.org or call 1-800-BUCKEYE looking for information every month. Some already know where they want to visit and are looking for information such as hours of operation and admission prices. Others may be looking for ideas for that perfect weekend getaway or family vacation.

This free marketing tool is the place where you provide the information those travelers need. With just your e-mail address and the password you choose, you can submit and update the information those web visitors and callers could use to become customers.

What’s eligible for the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

Ohio.org Listing & Events Database Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you determine if your listing qualifies for the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database.

These guidelines were developed based on user research to determine the type of information visitors expect to find on our site and in our publications. Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide information for visitors on fun and exciting things to see and do while traveling in Ohio.

Approval/rejection of all submissions is at the sole discretion of the Office of TourismOhio, which reserves the right to edit or refuse any listing. Some listings may be approved by correcting your submission following the instructions provided. Those re-submitted without corrections may be deleted from the system.

Please remember that these are only guidelines. Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns, and we will happily provide additional guidance. Please contact TourismOhio Website Manager, Jon Dymock (Jon.Dymock@development.ohio.gov).

What can I submit as a tourism event?

  • Events organized primarily to appeal to travelers from outside the immediate area
  • Prominent events open to the general public and actively marketed to audiences statewide and/or nationwide
  • Events showcasing a town’s unique character or heritage
  • Fourth of July, New Year and Christmas/Holiday events that include activities of interest to travelers
  • Ethnic festivals providing activities of interest to travelers
  • County fairs
  • Major and minor league sporting events (individual games or the season)

What generally does NOT qualify to submit as a tourism event?

  • Events closed to any segment of the general public for any reason
  • School or College events; student events
  • Civic, club and community meetings, conferences and activities
  • Family or class reunions; church bazaars, picnics and special events
  • Retail sales and yard sales not associated with a special tourism event
  • Childrenʹs Easter Egg hunts, photos with Santa, etc. (unless part of a larger tourism event)
  • Pageants, other than statewide or regional pageants
  • Special admission deals (ex. Military Get In Free Day)/meals and offers (submit these as Deals, not Events)
  • Exceedingly localized events/fundraisers
  • Multiweek classes/workshops/summer camps
  • Book club meetings, etc.
  • Private or members‐only events
  • Events open only to home‐school students

Examples of businesses generally not eligible for our tourism database:

  • National chain/franchised restaurants (except those featuring uniquely Ohio products)
  • Standard retail establishments (i.e. grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies), except those specializing in uniquely Ohio products
  • Organizations, groups, clubs, etc. (except for Convention and Visitor Bureaus)

How to Register for an Account and Submit a Listing to the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

Step One – Set up an Account in the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

  • Be sure to click on and read the FAQs on Business & Event Listings.
  • Complete the brief form and click “Sign Up Button” at the bottom when you’re finished.
  • You will receive an email message with the subject line: Ohio.org Listings & Events Database User Activation Email. Please click the link to activate your new account.
  • Once your account is approved you will receive an e-mail message with the subject line: Ohio.org Listings & Events Database User Account Approved

Step Two – Submit a Listing in the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

  • Log in to Ohio.org Listing & Events Database (http://www.listings.ohio.org)
  • Select Add “New Listing” or “New Event”
  • Submit the basic information and click “Save Button”
  • Edit the modules with details about the event and add photos
  • Please ensure that all modules above have been completed. If so, your listing is now complete and will be reviewed by TourismOhio. There is no SUBMIT BUTTON.
  • You’ll receive an email letting you know if you’re listing has been accepted or if there are questions.

Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns, and we will happily provide guidance.  TourismOhio Website Manager, Jon Dymock (Jon.Dymock@development.ohio.gov).

We have a new listing verification system for the new Ohio.org Listing & Events Database and will now conduct an audit twice a year (fall and spring) to verify the accuracy of all EVENT listings that appear on Ohio.org and are in consideration for the printed edition of the Ohio Calendar of Events.

How to Manual for Ohio.org Listing & Events Database

How to Manual for the Ohio.org Listing & Events Database
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