SOCA Benefit Plan to open to Sole Proprietors

SOCA Benefit Plan to open to Sole Proprietors
April 13, 2020

Anthem, NOACC and SOCA are very please to announce that the SOCA Benefit Plan MEWA is making room for sole proprietors.  They can enroll in the plan starting July 1.

The broker community has already received instructions from Anthem regarding new case submission.  Quoting starts April 20.

An eligible sole proprietor must:

  • Meet underwriting requirements
  • Work more than 30 hours per week (documentation required).
  • Submit a cover page for Form 1040 with Schedule C or Form 1040 with Schedules F and SE.

 Regulations limit sole proprietor membership to 10% of the total SOCA Benefit Plan memberships.  This is limited to sole proprietors.  Presently this off is not intended for non-profit organizations with one employee. 

Please contact one of our authorized insurance agents for more information on our Health Insurance Program.

First Insurance Group   419-443-8287

Parker Insurance Services   419-981-2252

Roger Smith Ins. Services, Inc.   419-447-9900

UIS Insurance & Investments   419-447-4242

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