Be In The Know

Be In The Know
May 05, 2020

 May 5th’s Be in the Know was brought to you courtesy of Cindy Holzheimer and the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce.

Andy Stephey, UIS Insurance & Investments spoke about Anthem's new SOCA Benefit for Sole Proprietors.

The Affordable Care Act affected small groups—groups with less than 50 employees—by leaving them with plans that required no medical underwriting. These groups also received the same pricing.

While the Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) aggregates small groups and is a medically underwritten program, business owners and employees must complete online questionnaires and the group receives a rate that is based on the health history of all involved.  These MEWA plans are typically 20-25 percent cheaper than the pool-rated plans, but they are tier-rated and could be declined.

Now, Anthem has opened up the option of a sole proprietor benefit, where groups of one can apply for a MEWA plan. Previously, the lowest number in a group was two.

While individual plans through the marketplace have strict HMO networks, the MEWA plans have greater flexibility and a larger network.

Rick Davidson, Community Energy Advisors, presented options for energy savings.

Most Chamber members can save 15 to 20 percent on their utilities through this program. Members can fill out an inquiry and send a copy of their utility bill to Community Energy Advisors and they can review the information and let you know if you can save money. Visit for more information.

Davidson said they are focused on protecting their members and warned of several types of scams, including where people dressed as utility companies are going door to door, asking for your account information.

Several other ‘too good to be true’ offers include rebates, multi-level marketing, and variable pricing.

Other active scams include power shut off scams, like where individuals go door to door; emails demanding immediate payment, and equipment charging scams.

Harry Centa of PartnerShips spoke about the shipping program through NOACC. Available to all Chamber members, this discounted program allows businesses to send domestically and internationally anything from overnight envelopes to overseas containers. It is free to sign up with no minimums, obligations, or requirements. Get more information at

Be In The Know Recording

Be In The Know Series will continue on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 8 am.

Be In The Know is going virtual. Join us for a Zoom meeting. Learn more about the Chamber's Business Benefits. Use the Chamber's programs to save money on your bottom line. Cindy Holzheimer, President/CEO of the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC) will be co-hosting the Be In The Know on a Zoom platform or you may join by phone.

Topics include: Anthem's new SOCA Benefit for Sole Proprietors, how to save on FedEx, Energy Savings for the business and your employees can also save! Speakers include: Cindy Holzheimer, NOACC; Rick Davidson, Community Energy Advisors; Andy Stephey, UIS Insurance & Investments; Harry Centa, PartnerShips.

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