June 26, 2020


The Seneca County Junior Fair Livestock Sale Committee would like to invite all Chamber of Commerce Members out to the livestock sale at the Seneca County Fair on Saturday August 1st.

If you are not familiar with the Livestock Sale, this is a way for YOU as local businesses and community members to support the 4-H and FFA youth of Seneca County with the completion of their livestock projects.  A few things that these youth learn about is marketing of their livestock, record keeping, business plans, and responsibility among many others.  These youth will hopefully stay or return to our community as our future leaders and workers.  Many of the youth use the proceeds from the sale of their animals to purchase future livestock projects, education purposes or invest money for vehicles and homes someday.

How can you help?  You can help by attending the auction on Saturday August 1st at the Seneca County Fairgrounds if you so desire.  This is a public auction held for each individual’s animal, they are allowed to sell one animal through the auction ring and if they have a second animal they may sell that animal through our add-on/pledge sale (similar to a silent auction).  You do not take possession of the animal, you are simply supporting the youth with your contribution, so need to worry about what you will do with the animal if you are the winning bidder! 

What do you get as a buyer?  Your name will get announced during the livestock sale to everyone in attendance.  Your name will appear in the results from the livestock sale that is in The Advertiser Tribune a few days following the sale.  Your name will appear in the Seneca Co. Junior Fair fairbook and on the Seneca County Fair website.  Your name will also appear at next year’s fair as we require the exhibitors to recognize their last year’s buyers.  Your donation to these youth are paid to the Livestock Sale Committee and then are dispersed to the exhibitors after all money is collected.  What a great way to advertise your business name throughout the community!

In the next few weeks you will be receiving more information in the mail.  In this mailing you will find a free pass to get into the fair on Saturday.  At the sale we will have a meal available for registered buyers.  Many exhibitors’ families support the businesses that support the sale, there will be approximately 300 opportunities to purchase an animal.  We will also be sending an email through the Chamber of Commerce. 

Want more information?  Please contact Emily Gilliland Jr Fair Coordinator at 419-447-1682 ekgilliland4@gmail.com or Betsy Dewald committee member 567-220-0188.

Sale Information Brochure        Livestock Sale Pledge Form

Social Distancing Policies will be followed throughout fair/sale.


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