New Member: Dead Shark Productions

New Member:  Dead Shark Productions
August 18, 2020

Alex and Brady Doepker  grew up in the “film industry”.  What started out as a general interest in movies, quickly turned into a desire to create their own independent films.  Their father, Dan Doepker, is a well-regarded videographer in the area with over 25 years of experience. What began as a summer (and winter, and spring, and fall) job helping him out with various weddings and other live events, quickly turned into a passion to do the same themselves. 

While they enjoy shooting weddings, commercials, and the like, their true passion lies in creating original narrative works. Growing up around their father's video business, they began making shorts for class projects in grade school. They kept at it in high school and ultimately in college, where this passion culminated in their first attempt at a feature length film.

From recording an entire event to preparing an individual highlight reel, from music videos to weddings, they have done just about everything. The name Dead Shark Productions not only reflects their love of film, but serves as a reminder to constantly keep “moving” forward, continue learning new skills, and not let their quality of work plateau, or motivations wane. Contact them for pricing; group rates are available.

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