#Support Seneca - Feasel's Frame & Collision, Inc.

#Support Seneca - Feasel's  Frame & Collision, Inc.
September 29, 2020

Meet the Feasels - Rick, Jan and Jeff - the owners of Feasel’s Frame & Collision Inc. located at 4400 W. US Hwy 224 just West of Tiffin. Rick and wife Jan went into the car repair business in 1984. In 2012 their son Jeff, who could often be found in his crib at the office with his parents as a child, joined the business in a managerial role.

Jeff, a Tiffin University alumnus, spent several years as a video journalist, working for CBS and NBC, before he and his wife decided to move back to Tiffin. "To go further in that career would involve moving often, and my wife and I were done moving. I always wanted to raise my family here, so I was very thankful for the opportunity to come back home and work with my parents."

Over the past several years the family has made many improvements to the business, including equipment and structure upgrades, and they don't plan to slow down. In the last decade they moved in to their newly renovated office installed a new paint booth - complete with air filtration and water-based environmentally friendly paint, constructed a 3,600 square foot building that created seven additional bays for radiator repair and washing, to house a new alignment rack, and to provide additional work space for spray-on truck bed liners, a service that no other Tiffin shop currently offers.

"I love being a part of a small business in this community," Jan said. "It's amazing how wonderful the community has been in supporting our local business for the past 36 years. I love being able to help others in my community, especially in their time of need. I also love that this is a family business. There are three of us are here - it's really a 'mom and pop' business!"

The Feasels are very active in the community too. Jan gives tennis lessons and is a former CCD teacher, Jeff is a Tiffin Rotary Club member and is a member of the Seneca County Young Professionals, the whole family is active in St. Joseph Catholic Church and they are a Chamber member.

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