New Member: Bee-Safe Security & Investigations

New Member:  Bee-Safe Security & Investigations
December 07, 2020

Bee-Safe is a Security General Contractor locally owned and operated right here in Seneca County, founder and owner Jeremy Blanton has over two decades as a law enforcement official, and over two decades of security experience. He is the former NW Ohio supervisor for the Federal Dept. of Homeland Security Armed Security Contract, overseeing security for all federal buildings and offices in NW Ohio. Jeremy started Bee-Safe Security & Investigations in 2011. Bee-Safe designs, and implements security systems for residential, commercial and government clients; they are an approved federal contractor. Bee-Safe sells, installs, and services both stand-alone and cloud-based security systems. Security systems could include alarms, access controls, video surveillance, security window films, fire rated entry doors, security speed gates for overhead doors, warning devices/sensors. 

Bee-Safe provides armed security officers, patrols, Schools Resource Officers for both long, and short-term needs. Bee-Safe’s Investigative division performs criminal, civil, cold case, missing person, surveillance, counter surveillance, worker compensation fraud, disability fraud, process serving, employer background checks, and more. Bee-Safe operates its own Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) training center where they teach private individuals, groups, and other security company’s personnel. Training consists of Handcuffing, Phazzer, baton, Subject Control, Self-Defense, Verbal De-escalation, Patrol tactics, Report Writing, CCW, OPOTA Firearms, OC spray, and more.   Visit the training tab on for a list of classes and to register.

Bee-Safe just started publishing a quarterly newsletter called “The Buzz” which you will be able to subscribe to an electronic copy.  The newsletter will contain helpful security tips, information on new technology, and will highlight an employee so you can learn more about them, it will also have a list of all the trainings offered for the next quarter. 

Bee-Safe staff is made up of individuals with a plethora of security, law enforcement, investigative and military experience.  Bee-Safe is proud to be an employer of former and active duty law enforcement and Military personnel.


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