New Business Benefit from Tiffin University on their Response to Diversity & Inclusion: Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness

New Business Benefit from Tiffin University on their Response to Diversity & Inclusion:  Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness
February 15, 2021

The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce another Business Benefit.  Tiffin University is  offering a 10% discount for Chamber Members on their Building Cultural Competencies within Organizations Certification Program.

Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness (CCU):  Tiffin University’s Response to Diversity and Inclusion 

Since 2016, Tiffin University has moved from an initiative in diversity and inclusion to a commitment to diversity and inclusion practice, now called CCU@TU.  Throughout this process, TU created a core curriculum for undergraduate students that results in global diversity competencies for all graduates.  TU also established a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change, now in its second year with over 50 students.  Additionally, all employees and Board of Trustees are going through a seven-month certification program entitled, Building Cultural Competencies within Organizations, now in its third year.  Finally, TU has developed a robust diversity and inclusion program for external stakeholders designed in a variety of delivery methods and customizable for organizational needs.


Tiffin University’s Building Cultural Competencies within Organizations Certification Program

 Program Description and Goal

Designed to help individuals strengthen their awareness and understanding about diversity and inclusion through the lens of cultural intelligence, as well as enable them to have the ability to work more effectively with people who are different from themselves, TU is offering training to assist understanding in any workplace-situational environment. The goal of this program is for participants to think deeply about their respective biases, and not only recognize and practice to minimize these, but more importantly to advocate for others by "stepping up" with courage and respect for the sake of valuing others who are different than themselves and creating a workplace environment that celebrates, welcomes, and respects differences. 

Overall Outcomes To provide the knowledge, skills, tools, and perspectives to build competencies which will allow participants to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to hold one’s self accountable with respect to recognition of unconscious and/or implicit biases.
  • Understand others’ perspectives and how these perspectives are essential for not only a more productive workplace but an environment where better decisions are made because of the breadth of thought and viewpoints.
  • Practice and value the art of active listening and appropriate follow-up for shared understanding of communication outcomes.
  • Comprehend the complexities of human behavior and the impact on organizational dynamics.

 Delivery Options:

  • Six hour self-paced
  • Six hour virtual-live; delivered in modules
  • 24 hours in person / virtual live, usually delivered over a 3 - 5 day period
  • Customized Program

 For more information or to sign up, please contact the Ellen Lucius, Executive Assistant to the President, at or 419-448-3413.

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