A Happy Day for the Seneca County Community | Giving back through tips

A Happy Day for the Seneca County Community | Giving back through tips
June 07, 2021


During the month of June 2021, Happy Days Nutrition and United Way are teaming up to give back to help those in need throughout Seneca County.  Happy Days Nutrition is taking all the tips they make this month and donating them directly to the Tiffin-Seneca United Way.  The Tiffin-Seneca United Way’s mission is to improve the lives of residents in Seneca County and encourage community members to care for one another.  The partnership with Happy Days nutrition is a perfect example of teaming up to be a force for good in our community. 


Happy Days Nutrition opened in 2020 during the pandemic and prides themselves on providing a positive environment and experience for anyone who walks through their door.  They offer a healthy meal alternative through their shakes, teas, aloes, and even high protein iced coffees.  Happy Days Nutrition has two main goals in mind when running their organization.  They want customers to feel better when they walk out than when they walked in and to give back to those around them anyway they can.  In addition to donating their tips for a month to the Tiffin-Seneca United Way, they have done numerous other community fundraisers and service projects with the goal of making Seneca County stronger and better. 


Be sure to stop into Happy Days Nutrition this month for a delicious shake or tea and help support the Tiffin-Seneca United way at the same time.  Happy Days Nutrition is located at 451 E. Market St. Tiffin, OH and is excited to serve you and our community.  


Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/HappyDaysNutrition2020/?ref=page_internal

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