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Tiffin Publishing announces $1 million Ad Match Program to support local businesses

Tiffin Publishing, the parent company of, has been hard at work over the past few months bringing you the latest local updates during the coronavirus pandemic. As the Tiffin area’s only locally-owned news source, Tiffin Publishing and understand the effect the pandemic has had on local businesses, and we want to give back to the community in which we are deeply rooted.

That’s why Tiffin Publishing is announcing its Ad Match Program for businesses throughout the state, pledging up to $1 million in matched funds to help local businesses thrive when the doors re-open. Tiffin Publishing will double your marketing impact by matching your advertising spend on, the premier news & media website for Northwest Ohio.

Grants start for ad spends of at least $1,000 and will be matched up to $25,000 for eligible businesses.

“We are excited to announce our Ad Match Program to help give back to the community that has turned to us for the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic and other topics,” said Dylan Poe, Director of Tiffin Publishing. “The success of our community is the top priority for Tiffin Publishing and”

The matching funds will be available for advertisements beginning in June 2020 and going through the end of August 2020. One of our advertising specialists will work with you to design the advertising package that best fits your budget and maximizes the gains of our Ad Match Program.

Advertising on is already one of the best ways to boost your business marketing strategy, but now it’s gotten even better. To get more information and submit an application, go to

Applications are being accepted through June 1, 2020.

 Advance Ohio is pledging up to $10 Million in Grants

Our community needs our support now! As we begin to reopen businesses across our state, Advance Ohio is pledging up to $10 Million in Grants to support the marketing, advertising, and branding needs of those businesses. This grant program matches funds by doubling your advertising investment, starting at $1,500, and will be matched up to $50,000. The program runs May-August 31, 2020.

The application process can take as little as 2 minutes and is completed by filling out a short survey questionnaire at this link. Once submitted, you’ll hear back in as little as 48 hours.

COVID-19 and the Ohio History Fund Emergency Grants Coming Soon!

Emergency Grants - Website and Application Available May 1

The pandemic is hitting the economy hard, including historic sites and museums in Ohio. The Ohio History Connection is developing an temporary emergency grant program for 501(c)(3) history organizations to help.

The Ohio History Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grants program and the application will be available at after May 1 (we're building the website). This grant is in addition to our COVID-19 Hardship Relief Fund that supports our site partners.

Applications for COVID-19 Emergency grants will be due June 1 and grant awards made will be made mid-July and funds must be expended by Nov. 30, 2020.

Here’s a preview of what this grant will offer: Ohio History Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grants will range from $500-$3,000 and be based on the applicant’s budget size. Unlike regular History Fund grants, COVID-19 Emergency Grants are intended to supplement operational costs, such as payroll and utilities. Applicants can also use grants to adapt programs for on-line audiences, such as K-12. There is no match required. Grant funds are limited. See the application when released, for details.

Also note that the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute for Museum and Library Services received appropriations of $75 million and $50 million respectively to provide support to cultural heritage organizations, museums, and libraries. Ohio Humanities recently concluded a survey to help it make plans for Ohio’s share of NEH funding. We hope you responded and made your voice heard.
Resource-rich, one-stop shops for more COVID-19-related information for local history organizations are the American Association for State and Local HistoryAmerican Institute for Conservation, and National Council of Nonprofits.  
If you have any questions, please contact us here. We are committed to helping our friends weather COVID-19 and thrive again.

Support Local Ohio Businesses

Ohio is home to businesses big and small, restaurants, retailers, artists, musicians and makers of all kinds.  Support Ohio businesses by shopping them online, choosing local, ordering carryout from your favorite restaurant and taking virtual tours of well-known attractions.

Ohio Businesses Can Create Their Own Listings on at Industry Listings Database By Clicking Here.



COVID-19 Response Resources for Museums and Museum Professionals

In response to COVID-19, many organizations and companies are offering resources to help museums navigate the ever-changing situation. Resources for both museums and museum professionals are listed below and at this link.


GrantSpace has created a list of emergency financial resources available for those organizations experiencing COVID-19 related hardships. This list is updated regularly.

Learn more here.

Grants Plus

Grants Plus has created a Crisis Grant Funding Resources List for updates on new funding and emergency grant opportunities for organizations. 

Learn more here.

National Council of Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits has an easy to read chart on loans available for nonprofits as part of the CARES Act. 

Learn more here.

National Endowment for the Humanities

The NEH has announced new grant guidelines designed to rapidly distribute CARES Act funding to cultural nonprofits affected by the coronavirus pandemic. NEH will provide grants of up to $300,000 that can be used for short-term activities that emphasize retaining or hiring humanities staff to maintain or adapt critical programs. 

Learn more here.


Ohio Humanities to Award $750,000 in CARES Act Funds to Ohio Cultural Nonprofits

Applications Available Starting May 1

Ohio Humanities will be providing $750,000 in emergency relief grants for historical societies, museums, and other cultural organizations affected by COVID-19 health crisis.

Funded by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), the grants will help Ohio’s cultural community mitigate revenue losses, maintain staffing levels, and protect collections. “Ohio’s history and culture can be found throughout the state in art museums and small historical societies,” said Pat Williamsen, Ohio Humanities director. “The people who manage those properties have been hit hard by the shutdowns mandated by the coronavirus pandemic, both personally and professionally. If we lose museum employees or artifacts during this economic crisis, the losses will be irreplaceable.”

Applications for emergency grants will be available beginning on May 1; the applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting on May 15. “We intend to make the first awards by June 1,” Williamsen said, adding that funding will continue to be available throughout the summer. Later in the year, additional grants will be available to help cultural organizations deliver programs that maintain the health safety of patrons during a post-pandemic environment.

The CARES Act, passed by Congress on March 27, included $75 million emergency funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Forty percent of that amount has been distributed to the 56 state and territorial humanities councils to support local relief efforts. In late March, NEH reported that the anchors of the creative economy such as museums and historical societies were reporting losses of $1 billion every month as facilities were closed and educational programs were canceled.

Announcing the emergency appropriations available through the CARES Act, NEH Chairman Jon Parrish Peede observed, “To the extent that healing is to come during and after this pandemic, it will be through humanities fields from philosophy to literature to history to religious studies—through the act of documenting, preserving, sharing, and reflecting— that our communities will move toward a greater sense of wholeness.”
Ohio Humanities staff are available by email to help applicants navigate the application process to access emergency funding. Ohio Humanities will continue accepting grant applications for regular projects as listed on grants page.

“Whatever the outcomes of the pandemic and economic crisis, we want to be certain that our rich history and culture remain available to Ohioans,” said Williamsen. “The OH CARES program will ensure that Ohio’s heritage is not another victim of the crisis.”

DISCLAIMER: Please check whether your attraction is eligible for this grant. Only attractions that fall under the "grants for historical societies, museums, and other cultural organizations" are eligible.

For more information, click here.

Ohio History Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grant

One-time emergency grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit history organizations to address COVID-19-related expenses.

Ohio's necessary and common-sense response to slow the spread of the coronavirus means that many revenue-generating activities are postponed or cancelled. Meanwhile, bills need to be paid, payrolls met, and audiences served remotely. While organizations are coping and creatively adapting to our new reality, community history is taking a hit. The Ohio History Connection wants to soften the blow with these one-time grants.

To help to your organization quickly, the application is short and the turnaround time is fast. Applications are due June 1. Grant recipients will be notified and disbursements made as speedily as possible after July 15.

Ohio History Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grants are for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations registered in the State of Ohio.

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, local historical societies, museums, public libraries that operate museums and care for historical collections, genealogical societies, historic preservation groups, and archaeological societies.

Previous recipients of Ohio History Fund grants, whether those projects are open or closed, may also apply for these emergency grants.

Ineligible applicants include for-profit businesses and entities, private individuals, the Ohio History Connection and its site management partners. Site partners receive support from the Ohio History Connection's COVID-19 Hardship Relief Fund.

Only one COVID-19 Emergency Grant will be made per organization, in order to help as many institutions as possible. No match or cost-share is required.

Eligible Grant Expenses

These short-term emergency grants are intended to help Ohio’s historical organizations address operational expenses that they cannot otherwise meet because of COVID-19-related losses of revenue and unforeseen increases in other expenses. You can also use the grant to adapt or create public programs for audiences affected by stay-at-home and social distancing orders.

Eligible expenses can include, but are not limited to:

  • Costs to maintain building(s) and grounds, including utility bills, security systems, and internet service;.
  • Payroll expenses;
  • Costs for adapting or creating programs for K-12 and/or general online audiences, including staff time, equipment, and software.

You can use a grant to cover one or more COVID-19-related expenses, as your needs require. Just keep track of what you used the grant for so you can tell us in a brief follow-up report.

Ineligible grant activities: Emergency grants may not be used for non-COVID-19-related programs. These emergency grants are intended to help applicants pay their operational expenses and to serve their audiences right now and as a result of the pandemic.


Hello, Alice Grant

Join the Movement to Lift up Thousands of Small Business Owners. 

Apply for grants up to $50,000 to support business growth, including $10,000 emergency COVID-19 Business for All Grants to help small businesses in crisis. Join leaders such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristen Bell, Lisa Price, and Zaw Thet to empower every American with an entrepreneurial spirit.

To sign up, click here.


These grants are awarded for general organizational support as well as funding for specific projects. Applications are reviewed three times a year; the deadlines are the 1st of February, June, and October. Grants awarded during a particular cycle will be announced at the beginning of the following cycle.

Priority is given to applicants that:

  • Address our funding priorities from a holistic perspective*
    •    Protect Earth's beauty and bounty.
    •    Create a robust, healthy food system.
    •    Increase opportunities for outdoor activity.
    •    Reduce environmental health hazards.
    •    Build stronger communities.
  • Operate with clearly defined objectives and viable plans to achieve them.
  • Demonstrate strong community ties and operate at the community level.
  • Promote positive change through both the projects and their implementation process.

Google Ad Credits

Businesses who have advertised directly with Google or through partners since 2019 will receive notification of ad credits available. This includes ad purchases across all forms - Search, YouTube and Display. Ad credits will expire Dec. 31, 2020. No action is needed on your part. You will be notified by Google.      

Facebook Grants

Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time. They released the eligibility guidelines; up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries where Facebook operates will be able to receive the grant. See eligibility requirements and prepare to apply here. You can click here for more information and guidelines for applying to these grants.

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