“I created Alchemy for You, LLC to provide everybody with high quality and affordable skin care.  I only use the finest all natural, organic and unrefined ingredients.  My body butter stands out from other handmade lotions by leaving a light and silky feeling on your skin.  Some of my reviewers have said that my body butter helps soothe their eczema.  I also, make lip balms, each one only having six simple ingredients, and the unscented only having five.  If you feel like pampering yourself my tea bath is perfect, they are like all-natural alternatives to bath bombs.  Other products include soap and rose cream, this cream helps with dark spots and fine lines.  Some of the natural ingredients used to make my products include:   organic oats, cocoa butter, Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt and organic essential oils.  I also make paw balm to pamper your dog’s paws and nose.”

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