Concordance Healthcare Solutions is one of the largest, independent, healthcare distributors in the U.S., servicing the entire healthcare continuum with strategically located distribution centers across the country, and the ability to quickly and efficiently serve over two-thirds of the healthcare systems in America. 

The strength of our growing company is in our employees, who are passionate about serving the healthcare industry. 

Our team dedicates themselves to assisting healthcare organizations across the country, collaborating with our customers to bring added value to the supply chain.  Through our committed approach, our employees make it possible for hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices - and every market across the care continuum - to improve efficiencies and increase quality, resulting in reduced costs and better care for our customers’ patients and communities. 

Concordance Healthcare Solutions is growing - We are creative and passionate about what we do. We are attracted to talent that values integrity and aims for excellence; individuals that take the ordinary and make it exceptional; and those that live with boundless determination and purpose.



    Tiffin Employee Received the Honor of a Lifetime

    Originally called Decoration Day, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths and flags, Memorial Day commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. It was first widely observed on May


    Concordance - Contributing Time, Fostering Hope

    Each year at our annual meeting, Concordance employees come together in a team building exercise that contributes to the goals of a health or human rights focused charity. For our Contribute 2019 event last month in St. Louis, we chose to support the


    Creating Opportunities for Those with Disabilities

    Concordance Healthcare Solutions, a leading distributor of medical supplies and healthcare equipment, is also a leader, employing those in their community with disabilities. See more for the OOD on this story.

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