Dr. Amber Stover’s love for animals drives her interest in the field of small animal medicine and surgery. Her other loves, people, and family have propelled her to create a veterinary practice with a flexible schedule – a style that benefits Seneca County’s busy pet owners and pets alike!

You care about your pet’s health and well-being, but the process of transporting your dog or cat to the vet’s office can be traumatic for both you and your animal. You can provide the veterinary care necessary to keep your pet in good health without the strain of visiting the vet’s office.

Stover Mobile Veterinary Services eliminates many of the frightening scents and sights of a clinic by seeing your pet outside of that environment. At our mobile vet clinic, your pet will feel more safe and secure, easing the burden of transporting your favorite fuzzball.

A visit to our mobile vet clinic is the quickest and most affordable approach to veterinary care for your pet. However, your doorstep is your pet’s territory and might be the best choice for your needs. Review both services to determine which is right for you and your pet.

Dr Stover’s veterinary service offers routine annual examinations with tests and vaccines as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as testing and treatments for mild to moderate illnesses. The veterinary clinic offers bloodwork and radiographic evaluations, routine surgeries and dental procedures. Severe illnesses and life-threatening traumas requiring hospitalization should be seen in a traditional clinic building with a full staff to care for your pet.

The website stoverhousecall.com offers links to the truck schedule as well as an on-line store offering food and medication deliveries to your door. Let us help you take care of your four-footed family members with less stress than a visit to a traditional clinic.


    New Member:  Stover Mobile Veterinary Service

    New Member: Stover Mobile Veterinary Service

    Stover Mobile Veterinary Service

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