The Tiffin Glass Museum honors the heritage established by the men and women of Tiffin’s “Glass House.” Through preservation and education, the Museum safeguards glassware made by the artisans from the factory’s nearly hundred-year history. Museum preservation work includes acquiring memorabilia and historical documents from the factory’s beginning in 1889 until its closing in 1984. Among the items shown at the Museum are popular lines, stemware, lamps, optics, and colors used throughout the factory’s productive years.

Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe's November Sale

The Glass Museum and Shoppe is  giving a 10% discount off of all Greenbriar and Desert Red Glass for the month of November.   Imagine how your Christmas table would look with some of these signature pieces being proudly displayed.  These items are priced between $10 and $30. before taking your discount.  The shoppe has tons of Tiffin Glass items that sell for less than $5 each.

 The Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe is very important to Downtown Tiffin.  As most of us, they have had a very difficult 2020.  Being forced to close and a slow down of people traveling from out of town had hit them hard.  The sell glass items that have been donated by lifelong glass collectors and their families.  The proceeds of these sales help to preserve Tiffin's important Glass History for the next generation.

Please consider giving Tiffin Glass as Christmas presents this year.  Each and every piece has a story behind it.  Give a piece of history this Christmas.









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