New Member: Real Yoga, LLC

New Member:  Real Yoga, LLC
September 01, 2020

Chuck Burmeister became a yoga teacher in 2009 after yoga helped him through his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and officially started his business in 2012.  Yoga Chuck is dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga for improved quality of life. Responsive and compassionate to the growing populations of persons with varying abilities and the lack of resources available, Yoga Chuck’s mission is to teach, inspire, empower, encourage and educate by offering media sources like DVDs as well as class and private instruction.   

 Everyone can do yoga and mornings are a good way to get your day off to a good start.  The time that you start is not as important as finding the time that works best for you and establishing a routine.

 Real Yoga is currently offering in person and online yoga classes.   Yoga Chuck is working with Union Fit to make the online classes easier for clients to use.  Call Yoga Chuck today and he will help you find the class that fits your needs. 

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