The Franciscan Earth Literacy Center is a ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis.  Through educational programs, community gardens, and facilities like the FELC, outdoor classrooom, farm stand, and Straw Bale House, we teach over 4,500 children and adults each year how to respect and responsibly enjoy the earth. We focus on sustainable living, renewable resources, and love for nature and all of creation.

FELC's Mission Statement: "In the spirit of St. Francis, the Franciscan Earth Literacy Center recognizes our oneness with all creation.  We promote active learning and healthy relationships with our natural environment to achieve sustainable living."

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Community Earth Day Event "Protecting Our Species"

Description:CommCommunity Earth Day Event "Protecting Our Species" will feature a live exhibit from Back to the Wild, hands-on activities, Straw Bail House tours, displays, trail walks in the woods and more!A free event for the entire family!

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